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Strictly speaking if you are staying in central Dublin and don't plan to venture beyond that, then you don't need a rental car. Dublin is small enough to navigate on foot and public transport is plentiful and efficient.

However, it is well worth getting out of the city and visiting some of the attractions in the surrounding areas, and for this, hiring your own transport is the best way. The drive across the Wicklow mountains to Glendalough is manageable as day trip and takes you through some stunning scenery. Or, if the weather is good, you might like to spend the day at one of Dublin's beaches.

There are of course many car rental companies throughout Dublin city centre so it is worth shopping around to make sure you get the cheapest car hire deal. You may get a better deal on your car rental if you book in advance.

Often it is most convenient to book your car hire for a pick up from Dublin Airport so you can pick up your car immediately you arrive in the country and drop it off just before you get back on the plane. If it is more convenient you can pick up the car in one location and drop it back to a different location. There can be extra charges for this service.

In Ireland, as in the UK, you drive on the left hand side of the road.

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