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There are many options for travelling by ferry from the UK to Ireland. Travelling by ferry means you can travel from your home all the way to your final destination in your own car. Although you can also travel on a ferry as a foot passenger. Some ferry companies provide a coach and sail option where they will pick up passengers by coach from various pick up points around the city, drive to the port and on to the ship and deliver passengers to the city centre at the other end.

Ferry travel may seem like it takes a long time. But it is a much more comfortable option than travelling by air. Far from being in the cramped crowded condition of a plane you can have a meal in the ship's restaurant, have a drink in he bar or go for a bracing walk along the deck.

Below are some of the ferry routes from the UK to the Republic of Ireland:

Birkenhead, Liverpool to Dublin
Douglas, Isle of Man, to Dublin
Swansea, Wales to Cork
Holyhead, Wales to Dublin
Pembroke, Wales to Rosslare, County Waterford
Holyhead, Wales to Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin
Fishguard, Wales, to Rosslare, County Waterford

You can also travel to Ireland by ferry from France:

Roscoff, France to Cork
Cherbourg, France to Rosslare, County Waterford
Roscoff, France to Rosslare, County Waterford

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